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Let's Have A Badge Camp

This was a two day camp held 3-4 April 1993, hence the badges used for the camp program belong to the 8 Point Program that was in force at that time.



8.00 am

Arrive at camp
  Put up tents, gadgets
9.30 am

Camp Tenderfoot badge

  Bedding rolls/square lashing testing
10.00 am Bush Challenge badge
  Rope Ladder
  Camp Flagpole
  Fire lighting - two-minute noodles
12 noon Prepare lunch
12:30 pm Lunch - cooking without utensils for Bush Challenge badge
1:30 pm Creativity Challenge badge
  Carving (soap/wood) / modelling (playdo)
  Write original sketch
2:45 pm Afternoon tea - gem scones
3:00 pm Make up a dance to music
  Make a musical instrument for campfire
  Write an original story for campfire
4:30 pm Baths
5:30 pm Dinner
6:15 pm

Climb the hill and watch the sunset

7:00 pm Will o' the Wisps
7:30 pm Campfire
8:30 pm Supper
10:00 pm Lights Out


6:45 am Get up
7:00 am Self Improvement Challenge badge / Pre-Promise
  Early morning Scout's Pace
8:00 am Breakfast
  Testing of bedding rolls
9:30 am Teach stalking and tracking
9:45 am Guides' Own
10:00 am Prisoner/Rescue Party (a stalking and tracking game)
10:30 am Morning Tea - chocolate fondue
10:45 am Bush Challenge badge / Faith Awareness badge
  National Parks and Wildlife Survey
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Strike camp
3:30 pm Horseshoe / Dismiss

Patrol Names

Excellent patrol and Cool patrol (!)

Rules of the Camp

(1) Thou shalt not eat in the tents

(2) Thou shalt help wherever and whenever needed

(3) Thou shalt not make anyone unhappy

(4) Thou shalt be friendly to all other campers

(5) Thou shalt not pick flowers or use living wood for cooking

(6) Thou shalt obey the staff immediately

(7) Thou shalt have fun

(8) Thou shalt do thy best at all times

(9) Thou shalt keep the campsite and tents TIDY at all times

(10) Thou shalt count everything ONLY ONCE (this is a reference to similar clauses for different badges)



MT two-minute nooodles
Lunch Outdoor sausage roll / damper
  fruit kebabs
AT gem scones
Dinner stewpendous
  potatoes with parmesan cheese and herbs
  mixed vegetables
  apple crumble with cream / custard
  cordial / Milo / milk
Supper marshmallows


Breakfast cereal
  orange juice
MT chocolate fondue
Lunch pocket salad
  poached eggs
  cordial / Milo / milk


Program You can program a camp around anything. Badgework is a lovely way to do the outdoorsy stuff you can't do at normal Unit meetings.
Activities All activities were done in patrols
Menu These days, I wouldn't offer as much cordial or milk. I would offer plain water more.

Details of the activities will be added when I get a chance.